Month: October 2018

Budget-friendly Ideas For Your Next Anniversary

Budget-friendly Ideas For Your Next Anniversary

Same time last year you chose to stay at home on your anniversary to save more money,
paying the bills, do the bi-weekly grocery routine. Not every couple get the chance to
celebrate a milestone together, take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship and
spice up your celebration.

You can consider these pieces of advice we are to provide, to help you save more time in

1. Bring her to the first place you’ve first met each other.

Don’t you know that visiting the place you first met each other, brings back the memories
and all the sweet moments you had in the past? This will make you realize how much effort
you had exerted, how strong the both of you to withstand every hurdle in life.

2. Fill up your room with decorations

To spice up your anniversary celebration, you can fill up your room with the following

  • Instead of buying balloons with tassels, replace tassels with your photos. Browse
    from your gallery and choose images during your first five years.
  • Customized cards portraying the roles he does to provide the best that he can for
    your family and paste it on the wall.
  • Display Happy Anniversary Banner

Follow any of these three we have to suggest and find a reliable party supplies shop you can trust.

3. Make a chocolate cake

Does your wife has a sweet tooth? If your answer is yes, then it’s payback time! To all the
meals she prepares every day for you, let your anniversary celebration be extra-special by
making a chocolate cake and place a cake topper.

Let her enjoy the celebration by not asking her a favor of cleaning the dishes and
maintaining the cleanliness of your house. She will instantly feel relief if you make her
favorite chocolate cake, remember it’s the thought that counts!

A couple celebrating anniversary together stays together.